Tropical island resort in Germany

This resort is located in Crosak in Randnburg in Germany and about 60 kilometers south of Berlin and 50 km from the southern border of the city has been in the past a Soviet military base, then turned into a summer resort closed was opened in February 2004.
The resort is a huge hall to accommodate 6,000 visitors a day, one of the famous sight seeing destinations in Germany, the number of visitors Jat 975000 visitors per year and works within 500 workers Icomo service to its visitors in the best

The resort has the entertainment you’ll find in many swimming pools, a water park, you can pretty skiing within the ski slides and falls in the water and feeling refreshed and activity
It also contains inside the golf course and is held by many entertainment shows but if I felt hungry after doing swimming and playing in the water park is not loosening because the resort has a restaurants serving delicious cuisine too

But in case I felt very tired after this round fun at the resort is not for you he believes you a comfortable stay in huts located either inside or stay in tents set up on the beach and you’ll see some birds, such as flamingos and Canary In both cases will have comfortable and safe and excellent service

How to get to the resort:
By car:
Can access to follow the road and then later take the A13 road L711 and then arrive to this resort very easily
By train:
You can access this resort through the railway station named Brande flies to and from this island
Coordinates : 52 ° 2 ’15 “N, 13 ° 44′ 55” E

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