Tourist cities in France

– Paris: attract over 45 million visitors annually and is the most popular tourist destination in the world has been called many titles including the city of love and fashion capital and the city of lights is known for romance and airspace industry, business, entertainment and eating arts and fashion.

– Nice: contains the beautiful beaches and the atmosphere is characterized by the Mediterranean Sea and the magnificent tourist attractions exhilarating and this makes it one of the best places popular in France, which is located in the south-east of France on the River Rivera.

– Bordeox: Built on the Garonne River, just half an hour from the Atlantic Ocean, a large port with the arts of architecture and historic sites, markets and exceptional arts world and is also the site of the culture and there are also vineyards and rural houses are huge.

– Valley Lore: It is well known tourist site is located in the middle of France and is characterized by its beautiful palaces and rural huge and magnificent vineyards and historic villages it is located within 175 miles of river lore.

– Biarritz: Located just miles minority of Spain in the heart of Basque in France, a resort located on a quiet elegant Sea coast on the Gulf of Basaki features beautiful beaches that provide excellent swimming and riding the waves on a global level.

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