Tourism in the French city of Marseille

What we read about Marseille tells us that it is active and crowded and a little stiff at the edges of the city is a favorite for many in France, which is the oldest port in France.

The port has not changed much since the last remains of buildings surrounding it as it is for centuries, and the port is located on the edge of the water and the cathedral is located in the courtyard of this port scene seems like a scene from an old movie pirates.

The Marseille place the events of novels such as the famous novel Nabil Island Cristo by Alexander Dumas, which tells the story of events for Edmund Dants who unjustly accused were thrown in prison Chatto tune for fourteen years before succeeding in the escape and take revenge on those who were the cause of his imprisonment.

Palace Chatto Dave is not a place of imagination, but real and is located off the coast of Marseille in the Mediterranean and was built originally as a fortress and then used as a prison for prisoners politicians who did not have any hope to get out of it and the island, which is located where the palace is a great place to see Marseille and can tourists can watch the scenery and wide of the city from different points.

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