Tourism in the city of Munich, Germany

Founded the city of Munich, the Bavarian state capital, by a group of monks Benedict who settled in this rich agricultural region of Italy and the nearby Catholic, and in 1175 officially became a city of Munich, together, let know the group from the most important monuments of this ancient city.

Hohensalzburg Castle

Is one of the most important castles, which is famous for its famous baroque architecture, and the castle is located in the upper part of the Mount Festungsberg, The Citadel is one of the most important archeological sites that have been well-preserved until the present time since the Middle Ages in Europe.

Linderhof Palace

Palace Lander Hoff was one of the three palaces only managed to engineer Ludwig from finished in his lifetime, and the Palace is one of the most important tourist attractions in Germany are all in Munich in particular, where the keen visitors to visit the Hall of Mirrors and bedroom property and room peacock.

Hohenschwangau Castle

Located in the village of Honshu completion near the town of Fuessen a two-hour drive from Munich, was the renewal of the castle for the first time in the reign of Maximilian II, and after that survived World War I and World War II refurbished again, and is one of the most important attractions of the Bavarian.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

This town, which dates back to the Middle Ages is a living example of the romance, and includes this path many interesting places, and the town is located in the middle of the way between between Frankfurt and 
Munich. And is famous for the presence of shops that sell holiday purposes Birth in roads.

Eagle’s Nest

The Eagle’s Nest is the headquarters of the withdrawal of Hitler, was built by Martin Bormann and Hitler gave him a birthday gala in session, the place has been transformed in the present time to the restaurant and became one of the most tourist attractions in Munich.

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