Tourism in Lyon, France

Lyon is located in the middle of eastern France, the capital of the province in the territory of Ron Ron Alpes which is the third largest city in France and know its art historical architectural and culinary arts, culture and vibrant activity.

Containing Lyon on nine provinces and iron from the neighborhoods and all the area offers treasures exciting special For example Bryce Coyle Is heart of the city Bmrakzha marketing, restaurants and clubs while Crowe Ross known lanes Hidden known as the alleys and there are also the ruins and Gothic church and the garden under beautiful gold 

The historic city of Lyon contains narrow corridors and streets paved with gravel and Renaissance art and architectural monuments such as the Cathedral of St. Jane with her ​​watch the huge and there are many souvenir shops and restaurants.

The Art of Lyon and its history Viewed through the city shows the many arts, museums and theaters cinematic theaters and concert halls that offer many ways of entertainment.

Partying and socializing can be enjoyed in nightclubs and the like which are found in every neighborhood of the city with a wide variety of restaurants that offer Otaam beloved city with traditional meals from the city.

Lyon illuminate key features throughout the year, there is the Festival of Lights, which is an important annual event attracts more than four million people of diverse celebrations that lit the candles and the Offers of sound and light.

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