Tourism in Dubai: important information

Considers the United Arab Emirates and tourist destination strong and beautiful, despite its small geographical size only Dubai but they
The first is the interface for representatives and entrepreneurs due to its attractive telescope, the organization of living, and most importantly safe and stability enjoyed by
Tourism in Dubai really is wonderful, because it
You’ll love great views Knatahat clouds and projects future independent and most importantly is a modern organization and urban planning.
The area of ​​Dubai are 3885 km 2, are Dubai atmosphere of a tropical dry, as the rain a few where and summer runs in Dubai for four months at a temperature up to 45 degrees Celsius during the day, but all hotels in Dubai conditioned, in addition to the possible public and the markets, spreading pools summer in Dubai, making it a destination
Tourist in any season, whether in summer or in winter.

السياحة في دبي

Characterized by the Emirate of Dubai and the diversity of races where traditions and languages ​​as well as Arabic language but – thankfully – keep is the first language and dominant in Dubai, yes there are a few other languages ​​Kalanklyzah, Persian and Hindi, and even that was due to the diversity of races this emirate.
The most important tourist attractions in Dubai:
Dubai already has become one of the interfaces of tourism globally and this is the most important tourist city of Dubai as possible:
Burj Al Arab:
The Burj Al Arab of the most important symbols of Dubai, where he Tower luxury was designed by Tom Wright and height of up to 321 meters and includes 66 floors, is the tallest hotel in the emirate, is located in the Gulf Arabs, owned by Jumeirah, the advantage of this tower its availability on the underwater restaurant and an outdoor tennis court, and this becomes the Burj Al Arab interfaces of the most-visited Dubai.
Jumeirah Beach:
And least important in terms of tourism for the Burj Al Arab, is a breathtaking beach runs along the 7 km and contains 7 lakes every one of them a length of 1 km, it also contains a beautiful garden in the coast attract the attention of passers-by and visitors.
Burj Khalifa:
And that the true expression of the tower is a symbol of tourism in Dubai because of its architecture Almottagona, consists of 153 bungalows, and also contains luxury apartments and offices made ​​him an attractive tourist landmark in Dubai.
Wild Wadi:
Water park is located in a very upscale Jumeirah Beach, and is considered a playground in the water, meaning it a wonderful place for recreation, and especially children, where they will find it a comfortable place for the cans, and the summer is considered the most Chapter visit to this water park.
Dubai Marina:
Is a new neighborhood known locally as the new Dubai, this neighborhood is located in the heart of the city and is still under construction in the advanced stages of completion expected soon, says official bodies in Dubai as a tourist landmark fascinating another will be added to the city.
Palm Jumeirah:
It is the right place to enjoy an extraordinary holiday, where it has the best high-end hotels, luxury clothing, and shopping malls, visiting him will have welcomed the atmosphere of fun and entertainment.
Dolphin Dubai:
The first is the habitat for dolphins in the world, where you can swim with the dolphins, and diving is also a great place to really love swimming, where you will receive Btgrepettan Uniquely swimming in the finest possible global and dolphins as well as fondling the first friend to man.

The most important markets in Dubai:
If you’re already a fan of shopping and who are keen to keep up with Mody. Dubai is your first choice, as it is the markets and shopping places of very upscale, attract Onzark geometric shapes Datha unique and diverse and this is the most important markets in Dubai:
Snow World in Mall of the Emirates:
The months since he first product featuring a snowy internal in the Middle East, and contains many of the stores that carry the name of the finest international brands, in addition to that it offers shopping offers a very unique and entertaining family trips Stdhishk.
Dubai Mall:
Interface is the largest shopping mall in the world, it is a huge mall featuring more than 1200 shop provides all Aldaat, in addition to the finest fashion that carry the finest brands and offers features that offers retail.
And beautiful sixteen surprised you for your visit to this mall is featuring an exhibition of sharks and attractive gardens will keep you excited and you collect between fun and shopping.
Ibn Battuta Mall:
This market is inspired entirely of trips travelers famous son Donald Duck, where each wing section bears the name of one possible which has had this traveler, and contains many brands and luxury brands, as well as galleries of Cinema.
Marina Mall:
One of the best as possible that relate to cooking in Dubai, it contains more than 150 stores, caters to this market all household needs, from food, mattresses for the home, Accessories, mattresses and the finest home.
Contains Jornett Tower, Tower an attractive tourist is composed of 7 floors and is the idea advanced enable tourists and visitors from eating the finest foods.
Dubai interface tourist must allocate her private visit even enjoy architectural sophistication and bright ideas that have contributed to the development of this small city.
Like Dubai? Have you ever visited or are planning to visit.

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