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Green Mountain Monteverde
At an altitude of 4662 from the sea, which is a good experience rainforests, coffee plantations and fertile fields, fog and monkeys. And where there are also 400 species of birds and 100 species of mammals and comprehensive types of plants include an amazing collection of orchids.
Hotels Motnfred:
Alastablo El Establo: for those looking for somewhere luxurious and beautiful resort, prices are more expensive than others, but the amenities it more. You’ll see there are many scenic and you can book a special honeymoon suite.
Rainforest of Manuel Antonio Manuel Antonio
It is an international forest protected beaches contain simple and rainforest, which is the last low original forest land on the coast of the Pacific Ocean in Costa Rica, and the pure blue waters.
There is characterized by wildlife and terrestrial plants and unique diving. In the period from December to May and humpback whales can be seen along the islands.
Hotel Jaya The Gaia Hotel: a five-star hotel in the middle of the jungle, and can choose multiple programs include mineral springs or adventure.
Playa Samara Playa Samara
One of the most beautiful beaches of Costa Rica and is characterized by magnificent coral reefs, and Chora Chora Island is a good destination for diving, and knows as well as specialization in raw cooking, and there is a well-known fishing activities and yoga.
Hotel Villas Playa Samara Villas Playa Samara: site famous for weddings, and there are a lot of places for children to swim, and features spacious rooms clean design style.
Quetta Cahuita
And inhabited by Africans coming from Jamaica, the Caribbean coast is lined with Costa Rica banana plants and unique cuisine, is also famous garden Quetta international coral reef and an impressive array of fish, which make a stunning diving there
Ocamleon to Le Cameleon: This is equivalent to the luxury hotel -plumsath HADITHA natural terrestrial plants surrounding it, and the basics of the hotel is a proud things in the country.

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