The most beautiful cities in Asia

1 -bancoc
It is one of the most exciting cities in the world, alluring shopping, and modern buildings next to some of the temples impressive best experience is to see it on a boat, and passes through the floating markets and ancient temples. Ends visit you in the Grand Palace where he lived the Emerald Buddha, and do not miss the Golden Buddha, the Temple of the Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho
2 | Tokyo
And one of the largest cities in the world of food and also the capital of fashion, it’s a huge metropolis, and visit Sensoji Temple.
3 | Beijing
The Chinese capital has stunning palaces Empire (in the Forbidden City), and in spite of that obtained may not be easy (the locals do not speak English or any other language), you must go on a guided tour. It is home to one of the greatest man-made wonders of the world (Great Wall of China), and the magnificent temples.
4 | Hangahay
I’ve called it the “Paris of the East”, and I went this city waterfront of sea fishing village into one of the capitals most industrialized and cultures in the world. It is also a major destination for shopping and tour scenic boat to enjoy the modern horizon (for photographing monuments Oriental Pearl Tower)
5 | Hong Kong
This former British colony Is a vibrant city. It is familiar to Western, is something of Asia by the New York high-rise buildings, restaurants and shops sophisticated, but also by the Chinese food stalls in the lively streets. There are good public transport and pedestrian streets, and organizing tours.
6 | Kyoto
You will have to leave to go to Tokyo and Kyoto, home of the imperial palaces and temples. This is a city of cultural treasures, with more than a dozen World Heritage site. It’s a trip back to ancient Japan, and a destination for history and culture, to see the girls for the performance of the army elegant tea ceremony, gardens and cherry blossoms. But it is also a modern city, even though it spends more time in walking through the cobbled lanes and wooden houses in the neighborhood Higashiyama, with the focus of the great tourist attractions.
7 | Mambal
Is one of the best cities and is still known as Bombay, has been ruled by the Portuguese and the British over the centuries, but keeps the Indian identity too. Its modern skyscrapers and slums, and the Hollywood film industry, and there are attractive city with markets and colonial buildings, the finest restaurants
8 | Macao
Is a “special administrative region” of China’s second (and adjacent to Hong Kong), was a Portuguese colony until 1999. “It’s now the capital of gambling in the world in terms of profits, but there is so much more thanCASINOS in this segment of Europe and Asia. There European-style architecture, Mediterranean-style kitchen and a growing number of skyscrapers and luxury accommodations.
9 | Singapore
One of the major modern cities in the world, which is also an independent state. It is well known destination for great food and as a global city of the population from all over the world. It’s a thriving place of modern architecture, and countless major hotels
10 | Kuala Lumpur
Put this city on many lists of travel thanks to the Petronas Twin Towers the tallest buildings in the world for several years. And also by the great restaurants as a result of a combination of cultures, from the historic temples, markets, and even many of the gardens.

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