The best tourist destinations in Italy

Italy is one of the best tourist destinations frequented by many people to spend a pleasant holiday or honeymoon happy. The main reason why people choose to spend their vacation Italy is scenic, artistic wealth, upscale kitchen, and people Alatefaan. There are many places in Italy to visit the people should not miss such wonderful places. Needs a place like Italy lived fully explored, but you will facilitate the car through the helpline DVLA. The places that will be mentioned now should not be missed had in Italy.


This place is a hidden jewel in Italy, where the houses painted in pastel and terra cotta roofs. Genoa is a classic Italian cities, and is the core features in parks, churches, places of Baroque, and the ruins Romania. The historic center is one of the most important of these parameters.

This place Bzaúrah back to the Middle Ages because of the historic centers in it. And maintains the historic centers of all types of old and stunning art and architecture dating back to the Middle Ages. One of the main tourist attractions in Siena horse race known as the Palio II.


Naples is the capital of the region of Campania, which is located in the southern part of Italy and is one of the most congested metropolitan cities. This city is famous for its shops, artwork, and nightlife, as well as restaurants. These features often Machdja people to visit this place. Pizza and spaghetti from foods that originated from this city, and this will be fresh and tasty foods because it has been prepared from high quality components.

Cinque Terre

Meaning of this place is the “five lands” It is a place made ​​up of five villages which Riomagero, Vernazza, Manarola, Corniglia, and Monterosso. Cinque Terre is located in the north-western region of Liguria, and is famous for its beautiful scenery and steep rocky parts.

Amalfi Coast

This place is located in the south-western region of Italy, which is one of the most famous tourist destinations because of the beauty of the place. The Amalfi Coast is renowned gardens, lemon, and glittering bays and rocky slopes and more. There are many resorts near the coast and therefore do not need to worry about accommodation in this place.


Venice is a unique city, one of the most important Italian cities and the most beautiful, because it was built on a lake and is surrounded by the Adriatic Sea. The city is 118 island connected by many bridges and canals. The Grand Canal is the most famous among these canals because it divides the city into two different parts.

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