Scary tourist places in France

Catacombs: also known as the empire of death and prepare a house for a huge network of corridors and tunnels that have been drilled down the city and this network has emerged to reveal the bodies of millions of dead.

– Brisek Castle is located in the village of Lore and go back to the seventeenth century and which has been re-built and is considered an attractive place for ghost hunters and people interested in the rich history of ghosts of the state which is filled with antique decoration and detailed artwork.

– Mount St. Michael: The best example of the frightening atmosphere coupled with architecture stunning medieval, which is a suitable place for Bahchin about ghosts and love to learn about the beauty industry skill in the world of ancient sites religions.

– Cathedral Bo antique: Albacelika where they are located is the church refers to the memory of Joan of Arc, known on the political level and the military because of its war against the British, who led the state in the fight to retrieve the province lost during the war with the British, which have been culled burned because of her courage during the war by accusing it charming and this church located close to her home in Doumrma.

– Castle Varsaa: know through the surrounding area, which is the site of ghosts and will enable visitors to enjoy seeing the beautiful location, which refers to the local culture.

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