Palace Jenner Alive

A palace located in the city of Granada in the autonomous region of Andalusia and Thdidaaly hill Corporal Sarodel Seoul adjacent to the Alhambra in Spain and in Arabic called Palace Commission Corporal and literally garden architect was the seat of the princes of Bani Nasr was building the palace and gardens during the reign of Muhammad III (1302 – 1309) AD and re-determination shortly after by Abu Walid Ismail (1313 – 1324) m
It is the most important gardens of the famous tourist destinations frequented by many tourists to enjoy the beauty of the landscape and forget about the pressures and routine life and spend an enjoyable day in the arms of Beautiful Nature.

Surrounds the palace a series of large gardens and in every corner of the gardens a pleasant surprise for the eyes and the beauty of fabulously indescribable is designed on the pattern of the gardens Persian in medieval Andalusia was start racing in the establishment of these gardens in the year 1931 and was completed in 1951, has included the park in World Heritage List of UNESCO in Granada.

Consists community from the courtyard of the de la Osyquia which includes the courtyard garden of water and contain pools exquisite beauty surrounded by flowers and fountains and columns and suites in addition to Haddbakh de la Sultana which includes garden Sultana or called Square filled with tree cypress where containing cypress tree big old about 700 years.

Open Dates:
Open from March to October, from 8:30 pm – 20:00
Open from November to February, from 8:30 pm – 18:00
And closes on December 25 and January 1
Entry Fee:
The price of admission ticket for adults: 10 euros
Children under the age of 8: Free.

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