Hong Kong Tourism

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Hong Kong is famous for what?
Famous Hong Kong being an international financial center and is famous for the beauty of the skyscrapers where and harbor great, which is one of the largest ports of the world, Hong Kong, one of the countries most densely populated in the world famous Hong Kong its economy, the head of Mali and services, economic and logistics, recently known for Hong Kong tourism, where today a lot of activities tourist distinctive and well worth a visit and that Snstardha today in this report in the Code of Tourism

How to reach Hong Kong by sea?


You can reach the island of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon of Hong Kong originally, there are many expressions go in both directions, including the Star Ferry, as well as the island of Lantau, there are a lot of flights to and from Hong Kong, including where there are cruises cheap from Hong Kong to all its affiliated islands have where you can navigate in Hong Kong using phrases marine,,,,, either from outside Hong Kong, you can access by sea to Hong Kong from the Chinese city of Zhuhai and the journey takes about 70 minutes and is considered a cheap option compared to aviation as well as for those wishing to come to Hong Kong from Macau, you can use the sea route which operated by Jetfoil, which are classified five-star, which provides online booking but before b … 24 hours. The company provides marine lines as well as from Hong Kong to Guangzhou in China and Hong Kong to Chinese Schengen
How to reach Hong Kong by air?
Hong Kong International Airport is one of the most airports Guo in Asia, Hong Kong has two airports can access them by air and from the Gulf, you can access for Hong Kong through airline Jet Airways, Indian, Qatar Airways and Royal Jordanian Airlines Emirates and Turkish Airlines, and there are plenty of other lines such as the Singaporean and Thai The Malaysian

What areTHE BEST HOTELS in Hong Kong?

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Housing options in Hong Kong is limited and there is a joint Hotels in Hong Kong, a small area of ​​the rooms! We will put your hands between a selected list of tourism experts to Hong Kong hotels are generally considered these options from luxury hotels in Hong Kong and the high price

  • List ten distinctive hotels in Hong Kong 
  • The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong 
  • W Hong Kong 
  • The Luxe Manor 
  • Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong 
  • The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong 
  • Harbour Grand Hong Kong 
  • LKF hotel 
  • The Mira Hong Kong

What are the ways of movement in Hong Kong?

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Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated cities in the world in population and are considered public transport best option to navigate in Hong Kong either private means such as car rental with driver or without driver or other material shall be considered expensive we will talk about,,,,

Buses in Hong Kong
Is a network of buses or on behalf of aspiring public transportation option distinctive in Hong Kong, where buses are available in all parts of Hong Kong, including the islands stretches for a huge network and wide covering most of Hong Kong almost

Metro Hong Kong (MTR)
Trains in Hong Kong shortcut (MTR) option characteristic where the choice is clean and safe and easy and Metro Hong Kong and one of the most metro systems in modern world, but compared with the buses shall be deemed to navigate the subway expensive than buses covers metro Hong Kong across nine lines and connect you to the most important regions where they are moving train every time period from two to four minutes and works every day from six in the morning till one in the middle of the night spread across nine lines in Hong Kong and to receive the most important regions such as the airport and the port and there are what is known as the tram! Where he was part of the rail network in Hong Kong

Taxi in Hong Kong
Taxis prevalent in Hong Kong, compared with other major cities around the world are considered cheaper but of higher transportation in Hong Kong and the journey begins at a price of $ 15 and all taxis in Hong using the counter to calculate the cost,,, there taxes are added to the passenger through some of the ways in hours peak and that you intend to use the taxi we recommend you take a picture with you of the landmarks that you want to visit because it simply is rare to find an English-speaking driver

Car Rental in Hong Kong
Car rental companies in Hong Kong asking you to have a credit card Sagaf higher than the 5000 Hong Kong dollars and older than 25 years and an international vacation and vacation valid from your country and the average price of cars 700 Hong Kong dollars for small cars

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