holiday around Scandinavian cities

A better and easier way of planning for your vacation can choose trips around places and this type of trips circular there is in the northern part of Europe, and lasts for 12 days, where will take the ship Awalqtar across cities Alascandvanih and traditional villages and scenic During the 12 days you will feel the mix of different cultures and beaches distinct see wildlife and eliminate time in the charming cities Alascndvanih
And will provide you with the trip a chance to see the straits and wonderful views of the mountains from the train and will approach the essence of the Vikings and palaces Alhoualemdaúq and royal palaces and famous cities Hialsanky Stockholm Copenhagen Oslo towers Cathedral Helsinki and train station Flamme Palace Hestnberg and a statue of the Little Mermaid famous garden Helsinki
Begin your trip from Helsinki Vantaa Airport when you arrive in the city will be able to visit the field and Sinaty Osbnsky Cathedral and the Palace of Barlament and Finnish opera hall and the new Mountains Sabliss After visiting the city will take you cruise trip in the evening to Stockholm
In Stockholm will not move away from the water, the city is Mhatahib 14 islands and here you can visit the museum ship Vasa and City Hall Besalunha famous Blue From here take the train to Copenhagen and enjoy seeing the southern side of Sweden and you’re heading to Denmark and includes Copenhagen many tourist sites such as the Statue of Christian Anderson and Palace Amalin Borg and museum ship won and the old port Nahvn
And you can take a boat trip and heading for Oslo where you will see here the famous Viking ships and ship Fram Polar exploration and garden Vigland It is wonderful to be installed Asolo trains and ships to reach the capital Barjan big city in Norway

Enjoy your trip

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