Germany’s most important tourist attractions

Berlin is one of the most important cities of tourist destinations European, as well as being the coolest capitals of Europe, it is rich in history and culture, which may push lovers to travel to from all over the world, as well as Berlin, Germany is rich in landmarks other attractions that offer you a collection of the most important.

Brandenburg Gate

Is the only remaining gate of the gates of Berlin, and to symbolize the unification of East Germany and West Germany, the gate was built in the eighteenth century, at the entrance of a street Unter den Linden, which is the street that leads to the Prussian royal palace.
Holstentor Gate

Is one of the two remaining gates of the city of Lubeck, built in the year 1464, and the gate is now a museum, and its entrance consists of two round towers, a symbol of Lubeck, and is one of the famous tourist attractions in Germany.


Oktoberfest in Munich is the largest festival in the world with more than six million visitors a year, begins Oktoberfest at the end of September until the first weekend of the month of October, the festival, which is an important part of the culture of the Bavarian was held for the first time in 1810.


Lindau is located near the historical confluence of the Austrian border and the German and Swiss in the eastern part of Lake Constance, and is inhabited by nearly three thousands of people, and is characterized by being still part of the medieval buildings with stone and wooden relics.

Rügen Cliffs

Rügen is located in the slopes of the Jasmund National Gardens north-eastern part of the island bearing the same name as the slopes, which is a high chalky cliffs located on the Baltic Sea have occurred as a result of erosion, and the summit is a summit where Königsstuhl which rises 118 meters above sea level.

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