Falls JAR in Spain

They Falls exquisite beauty and there are around natural ponds and is one of the most important tourist attractions in Spain and is located 15 km from Benidorm, specifically in the village Kalozada In effect and the village itself of the most beautiful villages and you can visit and see the beauty when you visit the waterfall and the road that connects to Falls neighbor through the picturesque hills full of green and orange trees and orchids.

There are waterfalls at the entrance to parking your own car if you come near him and there is a cafe with a gorgeous view of a distinctive you can go to him and ask for what you need and spend a nice time in front of the picturesque nature
The climate of the area surrounding the waterfall moderate slant heat, but the possibility of the existence of the waterfall and pool where you will get the desired recovery and forget the heat of summer so take your swimsuit and go.

There is also next to the waterfall area suitable for camping and barbecues but if you want to sit in a quiet area, this place is also available under the pine trees brilliant but if you want to roam around the waterfall they’ll also numerous trails for this purpose.

Open Dates:
Waterfalls open from July 1 to September 15 from 10:30 pm – 14:00
The time is 15:30 – 18:30
Entry Fee:
The price of admission ticket: EUR 2
Parking the car: 1.4 euros.

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