Europe’s cheapest cities to visit in 2014

You are now on a tour of the cheapest tourist destinations between Europe this year, what between Istanbul and Lisbon you’ll find yourself among the most beautiful cities that inevitably dream to visit if you’re one of those who wish to visit Europe, but within the limits of the budget, here is the report.


Riga, Latvia
Riga is a great destination and affordable and also one of the most important destinations in 2014 because it was chosen to be the European Capital of Culture this year.
Riga is the largest city between the cities of the Baltic States and is considered as the center of the primary culture, education, politics, money, and the economy of Commerce and Industry for the Baltic region. The historic city center a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the city is characterized by particularly its art and architectural upscale chosen the European Capital of Culture this year seeks to provide the city of Riga offers a distinctive and cultural activities.
The aim of these offers, according to the organizers of the events of Riga in 2014 to encourage citizens to launch initiatives and implemented en masse. This is confirmed by Eva Rosenberga director of the Capital of Culture program, in turn, saying: “This year, for the citizens,” adding that if the locals are happy and motivated the others will appreciate this event. What you need is insatiable in Riga from the splendor and beauty of architecture engineering in this city, and visit one of the museums Riga brilliant.
Budapest, Hungary

Besides being a young and vibrant city, the Budapest one of the best cities in Europe for the time being for low-budget. Romantic waterways branching of the Danube River as well as the classic scene of the city makes it one of the best cities in the continent. There can not miss the discovery of rebuilding the Castle Hill, located in an area that was destroyed during World War II and the experience of listening to music in the Hungarian State Opera House, which is the second version of the Vienna State Opera as well as traffic on the bridge Zchinni commentator, which is the oldest and most beautiful bridge there in the city, which is called Name it “to Estphan Zchinni” in honor of the man who designed.
Do not miss the allocation of time to indulge in one of the many resorts, hot spring water.


Lisbon, Portugal

Despite the beauty of the Portuguese capital of Lisbon can also be hand-friendly budget. The city has many fields, cathedrals and monuments, cafes and shops in addition to contemporary architecture. Lisbon is located on seven hills are located in one silo Belem Torre de Belem, which was built in 1515 to protect the port of Lisbon. UNESCO has considered globally Eartha was designed and built by the brothers Arruda King Manuel I, one of the interesting historical landmarks in the area. Lisbon is still built on 7 hills beside the River Altajus and received abundant sunshine a place for wandering and activities as they still are also masterpieces of the ancient world. In every corner of which you can find buildings with simple inscriptions of old brick and cobblestone streets.


Dubrovnik, Croatia

Described as one of the cheapest holiday hotspots for last summer’s World Heritage jewel .. It “Dubrovnik” and also known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic”. It is expected that in 2014 the city enjoys the largest number of passengers, compared with ever to see the masterpieces of Renaissance architecture and listed to the list of UNESCO.
There can not miss a walk around the old city walls, which is an engineering marvel, as well as the cable car ride Dubrovnik to get a panoramic view of the city and chill out on one of the beautiful islands of Korcula and Chrome and Mlgit. Croatia joined the European Union in July 2013 but so far has not adopted the euro as a currency. So you’ll still buy some currency Croatian Kuna (KN).


Istanbul, Turkey 

Decline in the Turkish lira to the benefit of travelers at the moment with some of the presentations that provide housing, meals and attractions.
Istanbul embodies the classic between the East and the West, including the colorful markets and traditional temples and tourist attractions
This is characterized as the city where it mixes Western and Eastern blend of modernity and sophistication western heritage and traditions of the East, which adds to the charm of this city.
And do not forget to visit the beautiful landmarks of Istanbul from the beginning of the Hagia Sophia, which was built primarily to be the Cathedral of the Orthodox Patriarchate and when the Islamic conquest turned into a mosque and when the Turkish Republic became a museum.
As well as the Sultan Ahmet Mosque, which was built in the period between 1609 and 1616, during the reign of Sultan “Ahmed first.”
Also known as the Blue Mosque and do not miss also visit the Obelisk Thtamos III and the new mosque as well as the Süleymaniye Mosque, which is one of the best and most beautiful mosques built in the period of the Ottoman Empire and the greatest work of Architect Sinan.

Sofia, Bulgaria 

Sofia is the favorite city for travelers with a limited budget and always appears so regularly in the lists of sites that commends months by Ker_khas cities in Europe.
There is the global center of the city a strange mix of Ottoman architecture, European and many tourists heading to Bulgaria beach resorts and ski in the city center of Sofia, enjoy the beautiful scenes.
The city of Sofia in the western part of Bulgaria on the southern slope of the Vitosha mountain in the field surrounded by mountains of Stara Planina, or “ancient mountains”‘ve listed Gora or jungle Central, to Yulin, and the mountains of Ozinska or the mountains of the vine and thus to the capital four pathways or entrances are: Vladaski, Dragoma_ski (to and from the town of Dragoman) Petrokhanski (to and from the city Petrokhan) and Botovgradsky (to and from the city Botvgrad).
The Sofia hotspot for low-budget, thanks to a large number of attractions, free and cultural monuments incomes Free in the art gallery of Sofia throughout the year and the admission is free National Museum of History every Monday in the month and to the side of the monasteries brilliant, which is free and free to explore.

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