Best restaurants in Milan

That you are planning to visit the city’s most beautiful city of Milan in Italy, be sure to browse this topic as well as the classification of tourism in Italy and that you are interested in Italy, you’ll visit Italy section

1 Restaurant Alhambra Alhambra Restaurant

Located in the street of San Gregorio, and is characterized by presenting a healthy vegetarian meals and salads and desserts are manufacture of plants.

2 Restaurant Viva Viva Restaurant

Located in the street leftist Kurienta and serves along with many vegetarian meals consisting of grains, vegetables, fruits, and is characterized by its design and friendly atmosphere that surrounds it.

3 Restaurant Jaleterea Misthiawljo Restaurant Jaleterea Misthiawljo

Located in the street Varci and is competent to provide desserts and Italian ice cream Pennekhadtha different.

4 Restaurant gelateria gelateria Restaurant

Located in the street Emilio de Mar_e and offers several flavors of Italian ice cream by adding nuts and raisins and other customized extras.

Restaurant adenovirus 5 adenovirus Restaurant

Located in the street Oceli Malloschi characterized by presenting food to Syria and Lebanese such as rice, meat, vegetables, salads and desserts famous Arabic in addition to presenting performances Arab.

6 restaurant Da Willie Da Willy Restaurant

Located in the street of Monte Generoso and offers many kinds of pizza sizes and flavors with different types of pasta and various authorities.

7 Restaurant Novo Novo Restaurant Yacht Yacht

Located in the street Rvaúalo Sanzeo and offers seafood such as fish and seafood in many ways, as well as pasta and features a cool head and paper.

8 Restaurant Pierre Pierre Restaurant

Located in the street and Francesca Piero Delta serves local seafood and is characterized by the romantic atmosphere of the Pacific.

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