Best places to visit in Germany


Is the federal capital of Germany, linked heavily on Nazi Germany and World War division, which was an accident between East Germany and West Germany, and Berlin today is a unified city diverse and abundant in tourist attractions, museums and sporting and cultural landmarks.


The best features of what is known as the name of the Munich Oktoberfest, which is one of the best tourist destinations that can be seen in the whole of Europe, as well as Munich and is home to many opera houses and theaters such as the National Theatre. Along with a group of historic castles and royal palaces 
and ancient churches, as well as the bustling shopping centers.


Is one of the most popular buildings to visit Europe, located in the center of the scenic beauty of the Bavarian Alps near the town of Fussen, and this castle is the inspiring story of the film for Walt Disney cartoons known as the sleeping beauty.


It is not surprising that the town of Heidelberg is one of the most important tourist attractions German with a lot of historical treasures such as the Heidelberg Castle and the Church of the Holy Spirit and the home of Knight of St. George, with many restaurants, museums and art galleries, shops and markets.


Located Lubeck in the northern state of Schleswig-Holstein and is the largest ports of the Baltic in Germany, founded the city in 1143, and although it was one of the first cities that were bombed in the Second World War, but it still retains Bhendsthe unique architecture of the Middle Ages, which makes it a popular destination for tourists.

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